Current Year 4714 AR

Campaign Timeline

30 Sarenith (June) 4714 AR: The Burning Crown leaves Wolf’s Ear
27 Sarenith 4714 AR: The Burning Crown leaves Galduria; arrives in Wolf’s Ear
25 Sarenith 4714 AR: The Burning Crown arrives in Galduria; picks up Vaylenchek
22 Sarenith 4714 AR: Sandru’s caravan, the Burning Crown, leaves Sandpoint
19 Sarenith 4714 AR: Ameiko decides to make the journey to Brinewall; Sandru puts together caravan with party help
17 Sarenith 4714 AR: Party delivers Rokuro’s letter to Ameiko
12-16 Sarenith 4714 AR: Party explores Brinestump
12 Sarenith 4714 AR: Campaign begins

Notable Events Knowledge (local) DC 13 or Ameiko as key NPC

4689 AR:Three Kaijitsu ships set sail from Brinewall to Magnimar, including one carrying Lonjiku Kaijitsu. They are lost in a powerful storm, which later ravages Brinewall. Rokuro Kaijitsu dies there. Rokuro’s wife kills herself upon learning her husband’s ships are lost.
4690 AR: After sailing adrift in the Varisian Gulf for many weeks, Lonjiku finds shore and returns to Sandpoint to rebuild.
4692 AR: Ameiko Kaijitsu is born to Lonjiku and Atsuii.
4702 AR: After a disastrous attempt to reconcile the bad blood between her half-brother, Tsuto, and her father results in her brother striking her, Ameiko runs away from home. The Chopper murders (committed by Jervis Stoot in honor of a god the town militia refused to name) and the Sandpoint Fire occur; Atsuii Kaijitsu dies during these events of a mysterious fall from the sea cliff near her home.
4703 AR: Word of her mother’s death causes Ameiko to return home, but she finds home as unpleasant as ever. Tsuto walks out on the family at the funeral, leaving Ameiko alone with her bitter father.
4707 AR: Aged 15, Ameiko leaves home for the second time to take up life as an adventurer with several like-minded youths. Her adventuring career lasts just over a year.
4706 AR: Rich from her adventuring success, Ameiko returns to Sandpoint to purchase an old tavern, “The Rusty Dragon,” and scandalizes her father by becoming a bartender and tavern keeper.
4712 AR: Ameiko’s father and half-brother both perish during a series of violent goblin raids on Sandpoint.


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