House Rules


Experience points will not be given up. Instead, PCs will level up at appropriate points in the story.

For bonuses, such as role-playing, helpfulness, hilariousness, and being a good sport, players will get Hero Chips. These can be traded in for various effects in game:

One chip = one reroll. The second result must be kept.
Five chips = one stunt. This lets you do some wacky, dramatic action normally beyond the scope of the rules (such as charging through a wall or swinging across a room on a chandelier to make an attack) so long as it still fits within the time span of a round. Rolls, determined according to situation and character, may still be needed.
Ten chips = cheat death. At a point when the character would normally die, the character does not. It is up to your sadistic GM to determine the exact reason why. (Note: This excludes the normal divine intervention rules, which are my thing.)
Twenty-five chips = overrule GM. Within reason, you may override some aspects of the setting to produce something more favorable to you. For example, if you are looking for an item in-town and I’ve rolled to see if it is there, then you may override my roll and say it is. Keep in mind this allows for happy coincidences, not outright rewriting reality. So have fun, but no turning the final boss into a chicken or finding a Deck of Many Things in a bargain basement sale (actually, might let you have that one… rope to hang yourselves and all that…).


Roles and Combat

Every level, a caravan not only receives a feat, but an attribute point as well.

New Caravan Jobs

Defender: acts as Guard but +1 AC instead of +1 Attack

Advanced Caravan Jobs

These jobs have a requirement of 6 skill ranks in the relevant skill, ability to cast 3rd level spells, or +6 BAB. All bonuses listed stack with related job (listed in parenthesis)

Chef (Cook): +1 Resolve
Coachman (Driver): +1 to Security checks
Warrior (Guard): +1 to damage rolls
Navigator (Guide): favored terrain (specific): +1 to caravan Security checks while in this type of terrain
Doctor (Healer): while in combat, fast healing 2 to the caravan
Hunter (Scout): favor enemy (specific): +1 to caravan attack, damage, and Security checks vs this creature type
Battle Mage (Spellcaster): gain the benefit of the Advanced Caravan Job you are acting as
Merchant (Trader): may spend 1 additional cargo unit during trade (and gain gold for each cargo unit)
Engineer (Wainwright): make upgrades to caravan while away from a settlement. If this is a Hero, this enables the Battlefield Repair Hero Combat action to repair during a combat.

Basic House Rules

  • Caravan attack is now removed, and replaced by the Hero Combat action described below. If no heroes are present, the caravan gets one attack.
  • Caravan damage increases at the same rate as that of a rogue’s sneak attack extra damage dice. At 1st level, 1d6, at 3rd 2d6, at 5th 3d6 and so on.
  • The caravan rule for the spell “Create Food and Water” is removed and the spell works normally.

Hero Combat actions

DC for these actions is 10 + the encounter level
Attack: The Hero may make a caravan attack against the enemy, up to four heroes may take this action.
Defend: The Hero may make a caravan attack roll against DC, to aid the caravan in repulsing the next attack, providing a +2 AC with an additional +1/ 5 points exceeding DC.
Rally: The Hero may use Diplomacy, Intimidate or Magic to rally the caravan against DC, granting a +1 Resolve check, with an additional +1/ 5 points exceeding DC.
Battlefield Repair: The Hero can cast a spell that repairs objects (such as make whole or fabricate) to provide the caravan with 1d6 hp per spell level (minimum 1d6).

A Hero in the Engineer Advanced Caravan Job can use the appropriate skill to provide the caravan with temporary hp equal to the check result.




You can use Diplomacy to haggle prices with a merchant. Make a standard Diplomacy check against a DC appropriate for the merchant’s starting attitude (usually Indifferent). If you manage to increase the merchant’s attitude, increase the amount you sell your items for by 5% per increase to the merchant’s attitude (or reduce the price by 5% per attitude increase if you are purchasing items).


Equipment for Creatures of Non-Medium Size

Resize all equipment for the creature’s actual size, not just the ones marked as such in the books. It makes as little sense for a storm giant alchemist to use a tiny 3 lb. book as it does for the gnome to use one that is oversized for him.


Half the stats of a fortune-teller wagon. Requires one animal to pull. Does not grant any bonus, nor have any additional consumption.

Crafting Rules

We are using the following variant rules: Crafting Rules

House Rules

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