Pathfinder: Jade Regent

Road to Destiny: Galduria

The caravan regrouped after the difficult two-pronged assault by a goblin alchemist and druid. and continued on. They easily repelled one more attack, this one by a desperate band of goblins armed with broken swords and branches. They were probably mad from starvation.

In Galduria, the Burning Crown sold off their goods and procured new ones. Kezzrik tried to enroll himself in the Twilight Academy and took a lot of notes hanging out in the alchemy lab. Titania found a 900gp bounty on a woman named Tala for the murder of a Riddleport nobleman. Auryn learned a bit about some bandit troubles to the north.

The party met a gnome named Vaylenchek looking to get hired on, only to discover he’d liberated a rare grimoire of fey magic from the academy. Swearing he’d taken it only to right an ancient wrong perpetrated when the mortal lover of a Faerie Baroness stole her secrets and put them in the book, Vaylenchek earned a pass. Titania declined the reward for the gnome and elected not to hand him over to Lexia Harken, an inquisitor of Abadar. The party left Galduria without further trouble, but Koya’s visions warn that the inquisitor won’t give up… and she has the gnome’s blood from a mechanical trap.

En route to Wolf’s Ear, the met a farmer and bought some delicious produce. After some chatting, the farmer, Hortus, admitted he was looking for someone to help him out with a situation in Wolf’s Ear. His town had been a safe haven for people with strange maladies some 40 years ago (probably not lycanthropy—probably) but when Magnimar took over, religious zealots went on a purification quest. Wolf’s Ear was torn apart, neighbor turned against neighbor, and a lot of lives were lost before the problem was deemed “solved.” The Sheriff at the time put up what he called a plague stone, hanging it over the gate, and proclaimed that anyone entering town that was infected or a carrier would make the stone glow. It was a fake, Hortus and some others knew, but it let the townsfolk feel safe and move on.

The new Sheriff, though, is a guy named Burniss that’s been using the plague stone to extort money from local farmers and tradesmen, especially those from families who, historically, carried the plague. Burniss takes their money, and if they balk, threatens them with the plague stone, thus endangering their status in town, ability to do business, or even live in Wolf’s Ear.

Hortus and a few other concerned citizens that know the truth have put together a 500gp award for a non-local group to go in and steal the plague stone. Once Hortus has it, he can show the townsfolk it’s a fraud and reveal Burniss’s crimes.

The party agrees and go to Wolf’s Ear where they assess the situation. Titania gets more info about the bandits: they are led by the White Wolf who is rumored to be the ghost or shade of the original White Wolf that terrorized the Lost Coast 25 years ago. His bandits loot caravans and take prisoners, most of whom are never seen again, but supposedly there are survivors who claim his men study the faces of their captives very carefully… but Titania’s searching has so far not yielded any of these survivors.

Auryn has attempted to divine more information about the plague stone. Her results have her thinking the stone might be real, and even Titania the Paranoid-Neutral started thinking maybe Burniss wasn’t such a bad guy until she caught hm cheerfully extorting a farmer at the gate. The farmer wouldn’t discuss it later, but she could tell he wasn’t happy.

So far, the plan has been to render someone invisible with Vaylenchek’s help and grab the stone on the sly, but have no set plan as yet to how or when…



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