Pathfinder: Jade Regent

Goblin Chief v. Chocobo

XP: 1100

Last time, the party continued the vaunted tradition of level 1 parties narrowly avoiding a total wipe by the timely intervention of an animal companion. After arriving in the goblin village—seemingly deserted and obviously the site of a bloody battle—the PCs left a swath of goblin blood all the way to the door of the chief’s hut. Things went awry there, as they battered down the door to be greeted by the whizz-bang of a skyrocket that left most of them blinded and/or deafened.

Kezzik, the only one who can speak Goblin, proudly smacktalked Chief Gutwad and earned an arrow to the face. Luckily, he’d flung in a bomb at the same time, taking out Gutwad’s guard, but only injuring the chief. While the ranger revived Kezzik, Titania and Yumi rushed in to attack… to little effect.

Gutwad downed Titania with his spear, then a revived Kezzik came in with his last bomb for a last huzzah against the chief—only to again injure him, but fail to kill him. The chief cheated by downing two healing potions during the fight’s progress. Kezzik fled and the ranger fell, alerting his axebeak companion outside to his peril.

While Kezzik hid behind the outer palisade and frantically mixed a healing potion, the axebeak and Yumi faced off against the chief. Yumi burnt through many arrows to little effect, but refused to abandon her friends. Luckily, the axebeak managed a lucky blow to kill the wicked chief and proceeded to munch on his remains.

After a full day of recovery within the abandoned, stinky, ruined village, the party does some further investigation and finds, among other things, a trail of discarded treasure leading away…



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