Pathfinder: Jade Regent

Road to Destiny: Wolf's Ear

After some more plotting and ruminating on the potential benefits and pitfalls of getting someone to climb up the wall and get the stone, the party decided to take a different route. With Vaylenchek’s magic and lockpick set, Krezzik slipped into the jail and did a whirlwind search for the stone while the sheriff was getting his drink on. Krezzik terrified some prisoners and suffered an axe trap to the chest, but retrieved the stone!

Auryn, upon further examination, determined the stone was nothing more that a continual light token with a false magical aura overlaying it. She and Titania hoofed it over the wall to deliver the stone to Hortus’s grandson, who took it and fetched his grandfather and the rest of the community that wanted to oust Burniss.

Burniss returned to the jail and found his prisoners terrified of ghosts, several doors unlocked, and the stone gone. Drunk and angry, he started questioning people in the middle of the night, starting with the caravan camp. Noru kept him busy with vague answers until Hortus and the others marched on the town.

In the middle of the night, Hortus regaled sleepy-eyed townsfolk with the lies Wolf’s Ear has relied upon and the extortion Burniss has subjected them to. The sheriff, too drunk to be sensible, tried to charge Hortus, but got dinged about the head with the flat of Titania’s blade a couple times until the guards could drag him off.

The party, the heroes of the hour, received their 500gp reward. Vaylenchek received a cut of the reward for using his magic and resources to help, though Titania indicated the fact they haven’t turned him into the authorities should be all the reward he needs for giving them whatever help they want. Luckily, the rest of the party understands what ‘blackmail’ means and cheerfully shared their loot. ;)

Within a day, the caravan is restocked and actually in the black. Sandru rolls them out for their shortcut through the Churlwood, a.k.a., bandit trap.

A suspiciously familiar red stone attached to Auryn’s vardo will light the way…

Road to Destiny: Galduria

The caravan regrouped after the difficult two-pronged assault by a goblin alchemist and druid. and continued on. They easily repelled one more attack, this one by a desperate band of goblins armed with broken swords and branches. They were probably mad from starvation.

In Galduria, the Burning Crown sold off their goods and procured new ones. Kezzrik tried to enroll himself in the Twilight Academy and took a lot of notes hanging out in the alchemy lab. Titania found a 900gp bounty on a woman named Tala for the murder of a Riddleport nobleman. Auryn learned a bit about some bandit troubles to the north.

The party met a gnome named Vaylenchek looking to get hired on, only to discover he’d liberated a rare grimoire of fey magic from the academy. Swearing he’d taken it only to right an ancient wrong perpetrated when the mortal lover of a Faerie Baroness stole her secrets and put them in the book, Vaylenchek earned a pass. Titania declined the reward for the gnome and elected not to hand him over to Lexia Harken, an inquisitor of Abadar. The party left Galduria without further trouble, but Koya’s visions warn that the inquisitor won’t give up… and she has the gnome’s blood from a mechanical trap.

En route to Wolf’s Ear, the met a farmer and bought some delicious produce. After some chatting, the farmer, Hortus, admitted he was looking for someone to help him out with a situation in Wolf’s Ear. His town had been a safe haven for people with strange maladies some 40 years ago (probably not lycanthropy—probably) but when Magnimar took over, religious zealots went on a purification quest. Wolf’s Ear was torn apart, neighbor turned against neighbor, and a lot of lives were lost before the problem was deemed “solved.” The Sheriff at the time put up what he called a plague stone, hanging it over the gate, and proclaimed that anyone entering town that was infected or a carrier would make the stone glow. It was a fake, Hortus and some others knew, but it let the townsfolk feel safe and move on.

The new Sheriff, though, is a guy named Burniss that’s been using the plague stone to extort money from local farmers and tradesmen, especially those from families who, historically, carried the plague. Burniss takes their money, and if they balk, threatens them with the plague stone, thus endangering their status in town, ability to do business, or even live in Wolf’s Ear.

Hortus and a few other concerned citizens that know the truth have put together a 500gp award for a non-local group to go in and steal the plague stone. Once Hortus has it, he can show the townsfolk it’s a fraud and reveal Burniss’s crimes.

The party agrees and go to Wolf’s Ear where they assess the situation. Titania gets more info about the bandits: they are led by the White Wolf who is rumored to be the ghost or shade of the original White Wolf that terrorized the Lost Coast 25 years ago. His bandits loot caravans and take prisoners, most of whom are never seen again, but supposedly there are survivors who claim his men study the faces of their captives very carefully… but Titania’s searching has so far not yielded any of these survivors.

Auryn has attempted to divine more information about the plague stone. Her results have her thinking the stone might be real, and even Titania the Paranoid-Neutral started thinking maybe Burniss wasn’t such a bad guy until she caught hm cheerfully extorting a farmer at the gate. The farmer wouldn’t discuss it later, but she could tell he wasn’t happy.

So far, the plan has been to render someone invisible with Vaylenchek’s help and grab the stone on the sly, but have no set plan as yet to how or when…

April 24th: Rats in the Walls

285 + 450 XP

April 19th: Oozes are Boned
XP 850

I’ll write this up later, but oozes do suck.

And Naru shamed his ancestors.

Goblin Chief v. Chocobo
XP: 1100

Last time, the party continued the vaunted tradition of level 1 parties narrowly avoiding a total wipe by the timely intervention of an animal companion. After arriving in the goblin village—seemingly deserted and obviously the site of a bloody battle—the PCs left a swath of goblin blood all the way to the door of the chief’s hut. Things went awry there, as they battered down the door to be greeted by the whizz-bang of a skyrocket that left most of them blinded and/or deafened.

Kezzik, the only one who can speak Goblin, proudly smacktalked Chief Gutwad and earned an arrow to the face. Luckily, he’d flung in a bomb at the same time, taking out Gutwad’s guard, but only injuring the chief. While the ranger revived Kezzik, Titania and Yumi rushed in to attack… to little effect.

Gutwad downed Titania with his spear, then a revived Kezzik came in with his last bomb for a last huzzah against the chief—only to again injure him, but fail to kill him. The chief cheated by downing two healing potions during the fight’s progress. Kezzik fled and the ranger fell, alerting his axebeak companion outside to his peril.

While Kezzik hid behind the outer palisade and frantically mixed a healing potion, the axebeak and Yumi faced off against the chief. Yumi burnt through many arrows to little effect, but refused to abandon her friends. Luckily, the axebeak managed a lucky blow to kill the wicked chief and proceeded to munch on his remains.

After a full day of recovery within the abandoned, stinky, ruined village, the party does some further investigation and finds, among other things, a trail of discarded treasure leading away…

March 29th: You're Not the Real Walthus!
XP 400

Good job, guys! Our intrepid adventurers slogged through the swamp, stalked by a mysterious three-toed creature that has, thus far, kept its distance. It’s getting hard to tell time in the Brinestump, and they only just reached the home of Walthus Proudstump, the halfling ranger, before darkness overtook the marsh entirely.

Yet something was amiss, as the party’s two aasimar quickly surmised. Walthus, well-known for his love affair with snakes, was suffering from snake bites and venom and claimed to have chased a large snake out of his garden — yet had no idea what kind of snake it even was! Krezik the gnome witnessed a strange rippling effect on the halfling’s skin as the ruse began to come apart.

When confronted, Walthus shifted into a hunched creature with mottled red and black skin and attacked. Titania endured being grappled and drained of blood as her compatriots struggled to pierce the faceless stalker’s tough hide, but eventually prevailed with the help of a little alchemical bombing. The creature died on the window sill as it attempted to compress itself and escape.

Once the trouble ended, the real Walthus finally came out of his hidey-hole. The beast had attacked him as he’d tended his snakes. He and his precious pets wounded and poisoned the creature, but not before it had all but drained him of blood. Walthus managed to break away and made a desperate escape into his safe room. For most of a full day, the halfling waited in pain and fear, afraid to sleep lest the stalker figured out how to get to him.

In gratitude, the ranger made his best attempts at hospitality; he’s fed the party and given them a room for the night, and offered his home as a safe retreat for them should they need it in the swamps. He’s volunteered what information he knows about the Licktoad goblins and given the party the best route to get there. In thanks for the timely rescue, he’s given the party his cloak of resistance +1.

The party, in total, received 400 XP for defeating the faceless stalker and rescuing Walthus, with a bonus for keeping in-character and participating in the adventure. Besides the helping-the-game style of bonuses, I may provide more individual-based rewards down the road, but at the moment I’m happy with everyone’s level of involvement.

If anyone has feedback or suggestions, feel free to pitch them between sessions. Thanks for playing!

March 22nd: OOC
finishing details

Goals this session:

  • Finalize details on all characters.
  • GM adds information to wiki about people and places
  • Establish relationships and party connections
  • Go IC to start adventure and reach first plot point
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